Business leaders want to maximize the time their employees spend on core business operations, but cutting corners on application management can ultimately undermine a company’s long-term efficiency, productivity and profitability. Whether the need is easy, cost effective, enterprise application hosting or robust application life-cycle development and support, Thebe Ya Africa can help you meet your company’s evolving technological and regulatory requirements.
If you can imagine it, then we can build it! Contact us for custom design and development of websites, online services or about our existing suite of products – let us pull it all together for you!

We code to international standards and provide full-cycle services: web application development, custom software development, web design and programming by dedicated team of seasoned designers and developers. We pride ourselves in delivering work that’s W3C compliant, responsive on request, using HTML5 and the latest frameworks including JQuery Mobile.

Our development proficiencies include Perl, PHP, Java and various frameworks if required.