Thebe Ya Africa is an established and broad based consulting engineering company committed to innovating infrastructure. We have developed over the year’s an innovative engineering mind-set to resolve engineering challenges by aligning our energies with the goals and outcomes that our clients require. Thebe Ya Africa has been acknowledged for their excellence in planning, design and construction through technical excellence, innovation and environmental sensitivity.

The strategy of the company is to continuously building up its core competencies and capabilities as

well as stay ahead of technology developments and hence achieve competitive advantage and increased market share. The Company will continuously benchmark itself against major players in the industry The desired result of this strategy is increased business activity through excellent product and service quality, correct pricing and high levels of client’s satisfaction. As the business environment we operate in is very dynamic, we will exploit any relevant business opportunities we may come across.


The vision of Thebe Ya Africa Consulting Engineers is the provision of quality civil engineering

consultancy, construction and project management services to its clients throughout South Africa and beyond. We will strive for cost effective, comprehensive and financially sustainable engineering solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients and that ensure a viable and sustainable natural environment. We will strive to uphold innovation, creativity, integrity, empowerment and continuous improvement as the key core values of our company.


The mission of the company is to implement and sustain a progressive, company structure as well as sound

policies and procedures that are in line with the company vision. The main focus is to attain competitive advantage in the engineering service market, despite any adversities, by offering innovative solution through utilizing the best available technology and skilled personnel.
It is also the primary mission of the company to declare profits to our Shareholders thus ultimately justifying our economic strength and sustaining our existence as a viable business entity.